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1. What do we offer ?
Development of multi-user online-portals for both PCs and Mobile devices, a connection point for many users via Game Internet Server. To use such a system a user just needs to have any internet-connected device whether it is a PC with a browser or a mobile phone.
2. Is there a demand for the product and who needs it ?

The demand for mass multi-user games is high and constantly growing. The experts say that mobile devices game market's future will be very positive. Mass multi-user Internet games for Mobile devices are not as widespread as games made for PC yet (for example - World of Warcraft, Lineage, Fight Club, OGame - and many others). But the growth of the mobile phone market guarantees the demand for "mobile" entertainment. That's why the number of our potential customers will be constantly growing for many years. The more people will have mobile phones, the more potential customers there will be.

3. Profit can come from:
  1. Direct sales of mobile device games on the Internet.
  2. Monthly payments for providing Internet game service access (for example - Anarchy Online),
  3. Many other sources.
4. What does the investor get?

Exclusive rights to use and distribute the Game and/or the Game System. We reserve the right for self-promotion and a small part of the profit (the details are discussed during negotiations)

5. What is the price?
A group of developers should be paid for their work. The volume of the work is determined during negotiations and depends on the project's complexity.
The development is done in the Eastern Europe (Ukraine and Russia), so the development costs will be relatively low considering low hourly wages (about $10).
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